President's Message

The Lion year has wrapped and we're all looking forward to the annual Lions' Mosquito Fest, I mean cookout. The club should be particularly proud of the funds raised and the causes helped this year, but I won't steal the thunder—yet. We'll talk about it at the cookout.

So do we kick back over the summer? Nope! The Thrift store team will be there, looking for assists, especially on Saturdays with set up and shutdown on those hot afternoons. Please consider checking in with Harry, Bill, Ruth, Tia and the crew, especially during the dog days when staff is lean. Thanks for your consideration there.

Other activities going on will be Scott Kudcey's Golf Tournament planning, please reach out to Scott, even if you don't know which end of a club to hold onto. He was a good sport to step up in the leadership role. Let's support him.

Finally, the leadership team begins transition planning as Treasurer Ken, myself, IPP Cindy, Bill, Matt and other officers align resources and plans for the coming year. The first new BOD meeting will be in early August as well. An important part of the transition is updating our club Bylaws, a superb effort led by Nancy Sullivan with a large team of dedicated Lions. The bylaws are important for the efficient running of the club and we hope to be reviewing and voting on these early in the year. Thanks again to Nancy and the Team.

Time to step up! The lifeblood of the club is an active network of committees with solid leaders and active members. Put your talents and precious time to use on one of the committees below. Sure we need help for the big rock items (Holiday fest, Auction, Junk day, Golf tournament and others) but there are numerous other vital activities needing your talents. Check out the list below and reach out to any of the new leadership team with questions. Please consider budgeting a few extra hours for one of these efforts. Thank you.

• Yardley Rink Mgt Team
• Health and Welfare Team
• New Fundraising Idea Generation
• Membership Engagement
• Communications Planning
• Events Site Planning-Installation, Recognition Night.
• Corporate Donors Partnering
• Lion's Meal Planning for 2015
• Thrift store Team
• State-District Events attendance
• Candy Drive Planning
• Holiday Festival
• Auction Planning
• Golf Tournament-See Scott asap!
• Technology Planning

Thank you for your service to the club and the causes we care about. Have a safe and relaxing summer with friends and family.

Dennis Gutman

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